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  • शानदार अकादमिक और सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम में उनके बहुमूल्य योगदान के लिए, सभी संकाय सदस्य और छात्रों के लिए आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद। डॉ यू.एस. पांडेय।

  • Prof. C.S. Dubey, Interacting with Training Partners of Campus of Open Learning

  • Dr. U.S. Pandey, Receiving “Best Managed Campus Award” at 38th World Management Congress with Trainers of COL

  • The team led by Prof. C.S. Dubey, Director COL visited Edinburgh College, Scotland

  • Self Defense programme for girls of SOL

  • Self Defense programme for girls of SOL

  • Prof. Yogesh Singh
    Vice Chancellor, Delhi Technological University
    visited Campus of Open Learning

About Center for Professional & Technical Training

The Campus of Open Learning through its School of Open Learning (SOL) at the University of Delhi currently offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a limited number of subjects in the Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce. These courses are taught via traditional ‘correspondence teaching’ techniques involving the use of print media and some limited tutorial teaching. However, the graduation degree does not empower the students to get a job instantly. Most Indian graduates do not match the employment profile required by industry in a competitive global environment. Academic achievements not withstanding , graduates have no means to acquire technical, language and presentation skills.

Center for Professional & Technical Training

Message from Director,

Dr. Balaram Pani

Director, Campus of Open Learning

Campus of Open Learning at KeshavPuram ,offers short term professional courses to the students of University of Delhi. Here, the students are being nurtured through practical vocational training with relevant industry interface. Short period of hands-on work assignments helps to build the skills required for employability in the relevant sectors. COL is continuously striving to improve the pedagogy and curriculum design to match the global standards.

Wishing the best of careers to all the students joining COL.

Complete Profile

Message from OSD,

Dr. U.S. Pandey

OSD, Campus of Open Learning

If you want to get success in this life then you have to give your best effort every day, sometimes you end the day exhausted, sometimes there are left just few hours to sleep, but the satisfaction you feel when you finish will make you feel like it was worth it.


Registrations are open for following courses:

1. Mass Communication
2. TV Journalism, Anchoring & Broadcast Production
3. Photography
4. Radio Jockeying and TV News Reading
5. Theatre Acting and Presentation
6. 2D Animation
7. 3D Animation
8. Travel and Tourism
9. Airfare and Ticketing
10. CRS (Computerised Reservation System)
11. Medical Transcription
12. Web Design and Animation(UKIERI)
13. Soft Skills
14. Digital & Social Media Marketing
15. Graphics Designing & Advertising
16. Interior Designing
17. Fine Arts
18. Airport Management
19. Production & Film Making
20. Advertising , PR and Event Management

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