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About Center for Professional & Technical Training (CPTT)
Campus of Open Learning, University of Delhi

Centre for Professional and Technical Training is an industrial training institute under the aegis of Campus of Open Learning, University of Delhi and is established to offer job-oriented and skill based vocational courses invarious professional fields with view to offer internships and employment opportunities to the youth with the assistance of training partners.

The students successfully completing the training programs and certificate courses offered at the may also opt of self-employment/ freelanceror become an entrepreneur based on the individual caliber.

List of such practical training programs offered through Delhi University’s Certificate Courses are available at

Concept of the Centre

There are huge lots of students enrolled in Delhi University’s School of Open Learning, non-collegiate boards, open and online learning of other colleges and institutions who may not be having any interactionsor professional exposure at par with other students of any regular college. In some instances, the curriculum of graduation degreestoo does not preparea learner to get a work opportunity instantly.

For the benefit of such students, career oriented training programs and skill-based short term courses were started by the Delhi University. Certificate courses offered by DU in association with the training partners are more practical in nature and are aimed provide the students an opportunity for interactions with their teachers so as to build confidence, which is very necessary and an important attribute for the younger generation of our nation, who must undertake newer challenges and carve the future.

An overall objective is to offer career-oriented, skill-enhancing add-on courses that will help the students in having more openings in jobs, industry and self-employment. These short term courses in DU have been so designed with a focus on the market need for the personnel with requisite skills.

The conduct of course and training programmes are with the involvement of trainers from training institutions in order to bring in practical and ground level relevance. The admission in these professional courses can be applied by the students as a parallel sub-discipline while pursuing their other degree level education courses as well.

At the end of the course, students are awarded with a Certificate, jointly by University of Delhi and the Industry Partner.